Brand protection software for producers


Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to monitoring of e-commerce channels. Price Expert will help you to monitor prices of your products and thank to that you’ll eliminate detrimental price competition. Find out which seller underprices the products and who follows him.


Monitor prices of your products in different e-commerce channels, such as: online stores, price comparison websites, auction sites or trading sites. Receive alerts on time and reports with essential price changes on the market. Thanks to that you’ll easily find out which seller underprices the products and who follows him. Nowadays brands have to react quickly to market changes to maintain their position on the market.

The most important functionalities

Monitoring of product prices


Monitor prices and find out how they form on the market. Stores can change their prices several times a day. That is why it’s important to track your competition with price monitoring system.

Violation and underpricing the products


Detect the first seller, who underprices your products and those who follow him. Find out which products are underpriced the most often.

Price positioning


Analyse similar products at your competition stores to set the best pricing policy for your brand. Check also what products are the most often sold at your competition stores.

Alerts and reports


Receive personalised reports and alerts concerning violations. Save time and avoid manual price tracking in e-commerce channels.

The analysis of ratings and reviews concerning your products


If you want to know more about that how your products are perceived, we can track for you ratings and reviews of the products.

Support and know-how


If you need any support – use knowledge and experience of our specialists. We’ll help you and advise you how to use the received data.

Make good decisions based on current data, and not on your intuition!

Do you need a high quality data concerning your products prices?


Thanks to the right price analysis, the implementation and development of a right pricing strategy will be more effective and easier!