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hipster young santa claus
Marek Kosno
Pre-Christmas season is a hot time for an e-commerce

Christmas is a hot season for many online stores. They gain the highest sales results on an annual basis, what is connected with intense preparation

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Marek Kosno
What benefits do we have thanks to comment monitoring in e-commerce?

I’ve been connected to e-commerce for many years, however I never read reviews (comments) before shopping online. What’s more I thought that nobody does it.

wpływ smartphonów na ecommerce
Marek Kosno
The influence of smartphones on shopping in e-commerce

Nowadays the world is dominated by mobile devices. Most of us have a smartphone and want to use its potential, so as to make their

wiarygodność kluczem do sukcesu
Marek Kosno
Reliability – positive reviews are the key to success of an online store

What’s the secret of success? You’ve created an online store or maybe you think about founding it, and now you wonder - how to succeed

wykorzystaj swoje 5 minut
Marek Kosno
Make use of Allegro and increase your sales

It’s not a secret that Allegro is currently a leader among auction sites in Poland. Allegro enables you to present your own offers in a

variety of beans
Marek Kosno
How to increase profit margin – exclusive products

How to increase profit margin – exclusive products In our article we’ll concentrate on electronic industry, which is famous for its high competitiveness and low

shopping trolley
Marek Kosno
Bundles: 9 practical tips in e-commerce

In this post I'll shortly describe the rules of making bundles and suggest you some practical tips, which will help you to improve efficiency of

paradox of choice
Marek Kosno
The paradox of choice in e-commerce

Today we'll try to answer the question - whether a big choice offered to the client is an advantage or disadvantage. Let's start with presenting

cross selling
Marek Kosno
Cross-selling: how to increase the amount of goods sold – 6 tips

Cross-selling - is a commercial technique connecting a product or  service to the purchase of another product or service. In 2006, Jeff Bezos, revealed that