Why Price Expert?

Price Expert is a platform dedicated to producers and online stores. It supports your sales team in achieving goals. We monitor products of our customers by collecting current data concerning prices and availability of products. For this purpose, our tool monitors different sources: online stores, trading sites, price comparison websites and auction sites.


An access to detailed data for producers

Protect your brand against unfair price competition


Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to monitoring of e-commerce channels. Price Expert will help you to monitor prices of your products and thank to that you’ll eliminate detrimental price competition. Find out which seller underprices the products and who follows him.

Make good decisions based on current data, and not on your intuition!

Monitoring of competition for e-commerce

Save your time, automate your actions!


Thanks to Price Expert you have a view of the whole market. You won’t have to collect these data manually and waste a lot of time. Be visible on the market and get an insight into prices, range of goods and special offers of your competition.


The most important functionalities

Promotion tracking on banners

Product description analysis

Cross-sell tracking

Review and rating tracking

Tracking exclusive products

Analysis of search suggestions at stores

Recommended product lists

Price and availability tracking


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